February 21, 2015
Dr. Robert O. Young is an accomplished scientific researcher who has long held an interest in human biology. He is a successful professional who is now a respected figure around the world because of his advocacy of issues related to health and wellness. He has more than twenty-five years worth of experience working in the health and wellness industry, specifically in researching cellular nutrition. By focusing on the most biological levels, Dr. Robert O. Young sought to improve health. He was successful at assessing the problem with the wellness issues that many people face and ascertaining how to improve their lives as a result.

Dr. Robert O. Young is well known in the health and wellness industry chiefly because of his many books. He has written a number of successful books about “The New Biology”, a school of thought based upon his original research and analysis that informs readers about the real causes of “diseases” and how to address them. Dr. Robert O. Young understands that too much of modern medicine is concerned with trying to treat symptoms instead of actually addressing the causes of various ailments—his books help readers to understand a way to live a more healthy and balanced life, regardless of what their issues are.